Amazon Seller Center CRM system

Warehouse supply management, supplier management and interaction, sales analytics built on Amazon cloud infrastructure.

  • UX&UI design /
  • Development /
  • Maintenance




Implement the MVP version as soon as possible to test the product on real users. The customer lives in Canada, having technical experience, he turned to us for the development and design of his turnkey idea. The client provided there a fully completed technical assignment for his project, as well as part of the prototypes, which were drawn up in Balsamiq.

What doing

  • User interface (UI);
  • Logo creation;
  • Front-end development;
  • Back-end development;
  • Deploying the project on the customer's server (DevOP's) AWS;
  • Integration with Amazon Seller Center.

Technologies and tools

  • Figma, Balsamiq;
  • Vue.js/Nuxt.js (SPA);
  • PHP Laravel, PostgreSQL;
  • Stripe;
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services);
  • Swagger (autodocumentation);
  • GIT, CI/CD Piplines (autodeploy);
  • Amazon Seller Center;
  • Sentry.


As a result of our work, we developed a turnkey service, which is located on AWS, for organizing payments and making payments, we used a solution from Stripe. The service operates according to the SaaS model (by subscription), has 4 tariff lines, including for enterprise customers. For the development of the server part, we used our own solution built on the basis of Laravel, which allowed us to reduce the development time. The client part is made using SPA technology and is a single-page web application. The project has auto documentation configured for API methods using Swagger. We analyze all errors using Sentry. At the moment, we are developing new functionality together with the customer.


Next case

Turnkey tourism ecosystem

The company “Svoy Tourist Service”, which operates under the brand “Svoy TS”, has been operating since 2002 and provides a wide range of services in the field of tourism.


UX&UI design, Development, Maintenance