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Site for tour operator No. 1 in the Murmansk region

  • UX&UI design




Клиент обратился к нам с задачей по редизайну сайта после того, как ознакомился с нашим кейсом по проекту «Большая страна». Нам необходимо было переосмыслить и разработать с нуля новую версию сайта, начиная с прототипа проекта.

What doing

  • User experience design (UX);
  • User interface (UI).

Technologies and tools

  • Figma.


During our cooperation with the customer, we have rethought the structure of the project, compiled a mind-map map. We conducted user analytics, developed 3 variants of user interaction scenarios and executed the design. As a result, all the pages for further layout of the project were transferred to the team that developed the server side and the client side.


Client feedback

The guys from Artsurf deserve praise for their patience and hard work. We spent 3-4 months designing a 14-page website, the guys patiently made edits and defended their ideas. I trusted them because they have major projects behind them, such as a Big Country. My company also works in the field of tourism , and I needed ux&ui designers who have experience in tourism topics. Thank you for your work!

Andrey Renzhin

Andrey Renzhin

Founder North for You

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UX&UI Design